Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 3- Rome

I started the day with a tour of the Keats-Shelley Memorial House in Rome, near the Spanish Piazza. They have a large library filled with a crazy number of first editions, as well as some really insane titles in the contemporary section. You can see a few of his letters, plus a letter dictated to Fanny Brawne. Oh, and they also his death casting - stemming from the practice of making a plaster face cast of a person right after their death - so you can see what he might have looked like. (Not that great of a looker, in my opinion.)

After a wander into the Miu Miu store, took a detour to look at more ancient buildings before stopping for gelato and enjoying the musical stylings of a Lilith Fair competitor who crooned everything from The Beatles to John Mellencamp. Last stop of the day was the fountain made famous by "La Dolce Vita." The sweet life, indeed.


The sitting room.

Back street of Rome.

All the buildings in Rome seem to have a tribute to Roman mythology.

Gelato at Tucci.

Seems like it's rising out of the sky.

And I thought I had successfully cropped out all the tourists.


  1. Lovely photos!! The gelato looks delicious!!

  2. Wow, looks amazing!!! It seems like you're having fun!!!

  3. I want to eat all of that gelato. Mmmm.