Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 9- Stockholm

The morning began in Drottningholm Palace, a little outside of the main hubs in Stockholm. It's decorated in the French Rococo style, but many of the details are trompe l'oeil. If you think something is marble, you'll get up close and realize that it's really just wood that's been painted exquisitely to look like marble. Amazing what people can do to deceive the naked eye. The grounds were beautiful and meticulously kept. I can see this place being absolutely lovely to lounge on a nice summer day.

The Chinese pavilion was a gift from one of the countless kings to his queen - I'm tempted to say that it was the one who was once a general from Napoleon's army. The palace theatre is still open and in working condition, giving plays in the summer using their ancient (classic) techniques to create sound and change sets.

sholm2010-2-1 Gamla Stan.


The gate to the gardens.

The road less traveled.

Chinese pavilion. They had the creepiest mannequins with fingernails. Disturbing.

Tea time!


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