Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 6- Barcelona

The first night in Barcelona was spent at Urbany before we went onto Claire's apartment in the heart of the gay district. It's the only hostel I've ever seen that's worth its designer label. Key cards open everything, including the lockers in your room, and the decor is really modern. But before we arrived at Urbany, we survived our first (and only) mugging attempt that occurred at 11.30PM on the metro. He unzipped a portion of my backpack and luckily the portion that held only candy and tissues, but he got half of Lola's bag open. So, watch out if you're in BCN! There are stories galore of people getting mugged or having their mess stolen from the back of chairs.

The first full day was spent with Gaudi and his genius via a free walking tour, tapas, and the Gothic quarter. I love how art is literally everywhere in Barcelona and that you can't go anywhere without being reminded of Gaudi's incredible influence on this city. I have an affinity for deranged geniuses (see: Van Gogh, possibly Karl Lagerfeld), and Gaudi's found a new place in my heart.

Guell's House, which is under construction right now. Guell was Gaudi's first and lifelong benefactor.


One side of La Sagrada Familia. Still unfinished. It might take another 50 years.

The other side of La Sagrada Familia.

At the market, hungry.

The Gothic quarter.

Courtyard of a church.

Tapas, photo by Lola.

Metro station Liceu, photo by Lola.


  1. I so wish I had gotten to spend more time in BCN. We were there for only one night when I went and our tour guide did not think to take us to see the sights (I like to see them, damnit!).

    And WTF at your close call!! I think I looked ragged and poor most of the time we were there and nothing ever went missing.

  2. Omgosh so jealouss!! I love Antonio Gaudi and his work!!

    And I'm glad nothing was stolen!! :)Andd those tapas look delicious!!