Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 11- Oslo (continued)

I had to make a whole post about the Vigeland Sculpture Park, and it's pretty obvious why. The craziest thing happened when we left our hostel to go to the park, though. While we were waiting for the trikk (the tram), three male teens wearing these red overalls with the Norweigian flag all over them walked up to the stop and started hassling the people waiting there. Then, ONE OF THEM UNZIPPED HIS FLY AND PISSED ONTO THE ROAD. I've seen drunk men piss on the street before, but they were homeless and had enough courtesy to go into an alley to face a wall. Needless to say, I was horrified.









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  1. i was leaving an oasis show at finsbury park in london, and watched as a man walking in a group with his friends proceeded to unzip and pee WHILE HE WAS WALKING down the street with his friends. which meant he walked into his own piss. possibly one of the worst things i've seen, except earlier that day, i also watched a drunk man pee into a beer bottle and throw it into the air above the crowd at the same show.