Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Inside Peek

This is actually the fourth time I've constructed my closet in the past two years. I feel ill thinking about the many hours I have wasted on organizing my closet. I probably could've written a thesis deconstructing the Asian myth and its direct impact on Asian-American feminism. And then presented it to a panel of leading theorists.

But it looks like I'll be doing it again at least two more times this year, as I'm moving to Seoul in July. I haven't really told this to many people, so if you find out by reading this, then... SURPRISE! The story is kinda complicated, but I'm going because this surgery (not plastic, but wouldn't you like it if I cared that much about my vanity) I'm getting costs less and is done better there. America isn't the leader in medicine anymore - at least not in this particular field. So, I'm going to be out of commission for at least a week, but I plan on queuing up some posts for then.

Back to the closet. Here are my clothes. They are arranged according to length and then color. Except the dresses are just a mish-mash of what I wear the most often in front & least in the back. When I was editing my photos, I realized that you can clearly see my underwear. My grandmother would not approve, but I don't think she understands the concept of a blog. She flipped out when I tried to explain Facebook. "Why would you want to post photos of yourself where everyone can see them?!?! There are perverts on the internet!"

I love white hangers.

The retired shoes...


The rotating collection...


  1. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to explain the concept of a blog to my parents either. To my dad, maybe, but my mum would rather continue living in a world where she can carelessly neglect the mere existence of the internetz, and what impact it has on her only child. Need to organize my closet better, too!

    Hope that surgery isn't anything serious, but all the best for it anyway!

  2. I seriously need matching hangers for my wardrobe, it would make it so much nicer to look at. Ahhh and the perverts, well that's life I suppose. Hope everything goes well surgery wise dear.

  3. I love peeking into people's closets!! Very lovely!
    Good luck with the surgery!! I hope everything's okay.

    <3 Kelly

  4. I hope you have a speedy recovery! Health care is so much more affordable in Korea... even for non-Korean citizens. It amazes me every time!

    I hope you have a speedy, healthy recovery!


  5. I love your perfume tray and drawers. It all looks so feminine and cute. definitely inspires me to organize my closet.

  6. eek! how long will you be in seoul? i'm super jealous. hope the surgery isn't for anything too dire.