Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ziba's Wine Bar - Grant Park

On Sunday, Lillie and I went in search of tapas after shooting our party photos. We first tried the Iberian Pig, but found that they didn't operate on Sundays, so we hopped in our car in the sweltering heat to drive down Boulevard for Ziba's Wine Bar. As we passed notorious Atlanta landmarks on BLVD, I kept thinking of one thing: I don't care how "gentrified" Grant Park is getting, you can't pay me a million dollars to live on Boulevard. NO EFFING WAY.

That said, there are certain charms of having a restaurant in an old neighborhood. Lillie pointed out the original detailing in the ceiling, which we both loved. If you have a super elaborate ceiling like that, very little decoration is necessary. Anything more could so easily be overkill. The food was pleasant enough, but like others, I, too, had an issue with the medjool dates. I've fell in love with them after trying them with Sunny at avec in Chicago, and nothing's measured up since then. Ziba's needed some kind of sauce - it was just too much solid with celery and a huge chunk of cheese. Also, something saltier might be better to pair with the dates since they're so incredibly sweet.




The medjool dates.

The Greek salad had artichokes, major plus for me.

Crab cake & lamb meatballs. Really loved the meatballs.


  1. Don't bash Grant Park too hard, A. I'm going to look at a loft over there tomorrow and it just might become my new 'hood.

  2. I have nothing against Grant Park, per se, just Boulevard. I mean, it's Boulevard. If I was driving down the street at night and somebody called for help, I would not get out of my car. Yes, it sounds harsh, but I don't want to be anally raped. Or dead.

  3. Oh man I am definitely missing crabcakes!!

    <3 Kelly