Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five Things

New tradition!

Every Wednesday, I'm going to list five things I did since Monday. Please share yours in the comment section.

  1. Downloaded Ace of Base's 1993 album, The Sign, which includes hit singles "The Sign," "Happy Nation," and... do I need to go on? I think you guys remember these jams.
  2. Went to Whole Foods, bought a baguette, only to see that it had broken in half by the time I reached check out. Still went home & ate it.
  3. Watched all season four episodes of "Mary, Queen of Shops." The first one with the bakery is beyond words.
  4. Went to the midnight premiere of "Eclipse" and saw the craziest people in the world. They were almost as insane as this woman.
  5. Received my Kindle and immediately downloaded all novels by Henry James. I think I like him because he's an expat who wrote about upper middle class/upper class life in the late 19th/early 20th century.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I downloaded Jock James 1 through Jock Jams 4. For serious, some of the greatest music in the world.

    2. Went to my last class at Atlanta Hot Yoga. Cried during savasna at the end. Sweatily hugged my favorite instructor goodbye.

    3. Recycled about 12 shoeboxes from the past six months.

    4. Decided to run the Peachtree Road Race last-minute. I may die. Post-race cocktails will be involved.

    5. Drank 2 glasses of wine for (not with) dinner on Monday.