Monday, June 21, 2010

London Calling - Midtown

Last Thursday, Jinah and I went to the London Calling fashion show at the Invesco building. The newly opened boutique features a lot of my favorites like Topshop, Alexander McQueen, & Vivienne Westwood for women and my ultimate mens' lines like Ben Sherman and Paul & Joe. The space is sparse, and there wasn't a lot of stock. I'm hoping that's going to change. I also hope they get in more things than tiny dresses that translate well into Atlanta nightlife and little else. I want some Kate Moss x Topshop & other exclusives!

For those in ATL who have yet to experience the goodness that London could offer a shopaholic, I could see this boutique as a good go-to spot. I've already alerted my Midtown gays, so they'll probably set food in there. I spotted a few pieces perfect for my alternate GBF, especially those Converses with the union jack on the sides.

Located: Peachtree Street, in the Invesco building.





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