Thursday, May 5, 2011

dripping blue blood from the wrist

I feel like I'm inbetween a lot of things lately. Indecisive about whether or not I like this bipolar weather - is it hot or is it cold? Am I a student or not? Do I love Atlanta or hate it? (Hate it. I think.) Are those lace shorts a necessity or not? How far am I going to go to get them? Why is finding a blazer so hard? I have images of the clothes I want in my mind, but they're not translating to real life.

On the days I want to dress like an adult, I like to wear outfits like this. Helps me blend in with the ladies who lunch. I stalked these shoes on Yoox for four months. I'm totally obsessed with the FW08 Balenciaga collection, even if some of the shoes look like condoms.

dress. Shipley & Halmos for Uniqlo
shoes. Balenciaga FW08
belt. thrift store find
bag. Celine

photos by sooji


  1. I dig the detail of the dress. I like to dress grown up but then sometimes I feel it makes me look way older than I am :(

    Btw it was a gym round the corner from my campus, but it has a close resemblance to it

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  3. love this outfit! everything in it is great.

    i was wondering, are those shoes comfortable? are you able to wear them all day and aren't the heels too thin?

    sorry for all the questions about them, but i've been thinking about buying them for a long long time and finally found them in sale!