Wednesday, May 18, 2011

werner herzog needs to narrate my life

On Monday, Sooji and I went to see Werner Herzog's new documentary, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams." I'm a huge fan of his documentaries - the two I've seen, at least - but I found myself dozing a bit through this one. It's undeniably beautiful, and Herzog has an incredible talent for discovering fascinating bits of nature and linking its relevance to human society. However, there were so many portions of this film that dragged, and sitting in a dark theater mid-afternoon without any coffee while soothing operatic music plays is a recipe for sleep.

The film documents a trip to a recently discovered cave in southern France that houses a few of the world's oldest paintings. Painted tens of thousands of years ago (ranging from 32,000 to 20,000 years ago), they are in pristine condition due to the calcification of the rocks. The images are breathtaking and completely unreal. A part of me refuses to believe that such a place exists, and without these images from Herzog, I would believe it's all part of someone's wild CGI imagination.

Chauvet Cave, the "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
Werner Herzog on right
top. Sisley
jacket. Zara
jeans. Cheap Monday
shoes. boutique on Garosugil
bag. Miu Miu

photos by sooji
source: the dfg

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  1. Oh that's quite a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing this, but I fear I may fall asleep (as I did in Harry Potter, the acting was awful and I couldn't get engaged with the film). Loving your blazer and top combination, those ruffles are ace.