Monday, May 16, 2011

the motion keeps my heart running

Castleberry Hill hosts an art walk every second Friday of each month, and last Friday marked my first time attending. All the galleries in the area (most of which are open by appointment only) throw open their doors to artist and art lovers for three hours (7-10pm). It's a great way to introduce yourself to local, national, and international artists while smoozing around booze and snacks. A few food trucks line Walker Street during this time, to Lillie's extreme delight. Spotted Westside Creamery, Kings of Pops, and Tex's Tacos (as pictured).

I was most interested in what we saw at Escape Gallery by Esteban Patino. He created his own alphabet and used wood cut outs to construct various images. The piece I liked the most was entirely white with each character set individually. I think Lillie was most taken with the pieces that are like the one I photographed.

Afterwards, we stopped by Intermezzo to eat cake and drink hot chocolate. There's something grimy about the place now that makes me never want to go back... at least not to the Peachtree location.

Esteban Patino's work at Escape Gallery

A video on Esteban Patino

Hot Chocolate Berlin
Cake with cappuccino frosting - not as good as you would expect

dress. Zara
top. Low Classic from A-land
shoes. Spicy Color
bag. Miu Miu

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  1. That is such a neat idea... an Art Walk! Looks like a fun evening, it's too bad that cake wasn't as yummy as it looks.