Sunday, July 3, 2011

march of the meanies

I wore this to the airport on Thursday. It's the only day that I didn't wear my Theyskens' Theory Lara dress this week. (I wasn't kidding when I said that I loved that dress.) These boots really polarize people; they either love them or hate them. I love that I don't have to vet people out now - if you hate my Balenciaga boots, we can't be friends. We probably won't have anything in common, anyway.

I fell down some hardwood stairs, and now I have these cut up marks and bruises on my legs. As if they weren't scabby enough... 

top. Cres E. Dim
skirt. Zara
boots. Balenciaga
sunglasses. Chanel


  1. I love the Bal boots! And I think the bruises + the boots make you look like a badass ;) Anyway, thanks for the blog comment, and I totally agree about La Garconne not having such great sales, but I got lucky with an additional 20% off, so that brought the total to 50%. Woot! Have a great weekend, and happy 4th :)

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  3. fabulous look :)
    and myungdongsa is always the place I go to when I have to fix my shoes
    but this time I saved that place to my last option so I'll probably ask them if they can reform my sneakers tomorrow
    thanks for the recommendation!

  4. how can anyone hate those boots?!
    i'm off to america in august for university, and arcade fire are incredible live. i've seen them 3 times and it's amazing every time, they really interact with the crowd

  5. The Balenciagas are fantastic, although I do always wonder about tan lines. And yikes, hope your legs are ok.

  6. i wish i had those balenciaga boots. they are my dream

  7. How much is the Balenciaga boots? I want it