Tuesday, June 28, 2011

conflicting emotions

I've got some issues. I used to pass myself off as a "maximalist" (not a real word, I am aware) to excuse my ridiculous double closet plus 80-100 shoe count. (Other excuses used: "Jinah has a bigger closet and bigger hoarding issues than me, so I am okay." For the record, Jinah says this to herself as well, replacing her name with someone else's. I'm convinced this is a way of life for most girls.)

I look at people who are able to keep their shoe count down to the single digits, or even bloggers like Dead Fleurette who has created a wardrobe based around the French 4-5 piece philosophy in absolute amazement. Seriously, how do you come to the decision to reduce and maintain a small wardrobe? My closet is literally bursting with crap. The sad thing is, I can tell you exactly where I got each item, an approximate price point, and a small anecdote about said item. Is this a sign that I should sign up for an A&E show?

I think I could probably reduce my shoe collection. All the shoes in the first two rows are the ones I've been wearing the most this summer:

Top: Balenciaga cut out boots, Alexander Wang Frejas, Jeffrey Campbell Ticks in Tribal
Bottom: Chloe Kirsten Wedge, Balenciaga space boots from FW08, Alexander Wang mules

But how do I even begin to conquer my clothes? I suppose the first question I should be asking is if this lifestyle is viable for me. Opinions, experiences, and advice requested. Also, if anyone has tried it and decided against it, please tell me your story!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my closet. I hate it because I move a lot and am constantly having to pack it up. I love it because my clothes represent a scrapbook (I wore that dress on a first date, I got those shoes at a sample sale when I snuck out of work with my boss, etc...) Like you, I can absolutely name where I got each item, approximately how much it was and some anecdote about it.

    When I moved to NYC, it was really difficult for me to get rid of a lot of clothes. I downsized a LOT (and yet I still had a ton of clothes). Obviously since moving I have shopped, and having little to no closet space here doesn't stop me.

    On another note, your shoes are fabulous.

  2. I read a statistic somewhere that claimed that most people only use up to 50% of their wardrobe. So in theory we could shed half of our closets and really not miss a thing.

    However, that doesn't mean I want to keep everything "just in case." I mean, I might need those Abercrombie pants from 9th grade.

  3. i'm struggling with the same issue. i desperately want to toss out at least half my closet, just to get rid of shit. but then one day i'll find something from eons ago that's in style again, and i'm like 'thank god i didn't toss this.' but i'm pretty sure right now i only wear about 15% of my closet, which like you, is actually 2 separate closets, both lined with shoes stacked midway up. gaaaahhhh, i think this is the american 'more is better' mentality we're dealing with!

  4. No worries I've been mulling over this issue for a while now. Have you listened to the TED talk on The Paradox of Choice? Though it's not really on fashion, it touches on the idea of the more choices we are presented with, the more dissatisfied we are with them.

    I look at my closet and am horrified at times by the stuff I got that I've only worn a couple of times- I hope that through blogging I'll be able to find a consistent style revolving around a steady round of basics.

    And thanks for recommending Dead Fleurette! Looking through her entries now!

    Btw I want your shoes so if you feel like donating...


  5. Oh my god. One, I love those Alex Wang booties, and have been lusting after them forever. Two, I love your blog in general and will be following immediately. And three... um, I have those circle mirrors in my living room! Sweet.

    As for cleaning out the closet, I feel like it's an ongoing process. Sometimes, a piece will catch my eye and I'll realize that I haven't worn it in months. I'll set it aside in my grave pile corner, and see if it bothers me that it's missing from my closet. I've successfully edited away a few pieces this way, but it's still REALLY HARD.

  6. oh wow. okay, i'm obsessing over your blog now. definitely following.
    i tend to just keep everything and then one day when there's no room i seriously look at things i never wear again. it's also easier to sell clothes than it is to just give them to charity (which is horrible, but true)

  7. lol you should see my shoe-drobe :D
    I've started to declutter this year, going to vintage markets to detox my obese wardrobe

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  8. The shoes are great! I love the wedges most!


  9. i got them on ebay, jeffrey campbells. i really want them in black though!

  10. amazing shoes


  11. Over flowing closets are so frustrating, especially when you need to find things in a pinch. I like having a variety of clothes, sometimes you just get sick of things. With tour shoes do you find your self mainly wearing your favorites or do you tend to wear most of them?

  12. ohhh looks like we've got the same taste in shoes! Ive got the Balenciaga cut out boods and the Wang Frejas! ;)
    xx PvdH
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  13. if i had those balenciaga boots, i'd throw out all my other shoes! problem solved. :)