Thursday, March 15, 2012

15/30 project

Fashion is a complicated topic for me. As someone who was very much on the verge of becoming a fashion student, it's an industry that could've been, a place where corruption seems rampant, and where beauty is the most actively celebrated. I've grappled with the issues of fast fashion and still battle with the ethics of my obvious (arguably) extreme consumerism.

The fact that the fashion industry needs change is obvious, but I'm also aware that my own lifestyle needs evaluation. When Sam of 'Sam Is Home' approached me to participate in the 15/30 Project, I agreed - in part for selfish reasons (shopping ban is necessary for me right now) but also to have an opportunity to evaluate the trappings of my own closet. For 30 days, I must rely on 15 items of clothing. Accessories (i.e. shoes, scarves, jewelry) do not count for the 15, and DIY on the existing items is permissible. But there is absolutely NO SHOPPING.

So... here goes day 1.


Wearing: T by Alexander Wang dress, BCBG jersey jacket, Sam Edelman Pax boots


  1. ooh 30 days, this sounds like a challenge! :P although with 15 items you should be right. A shopping ban on top is going to be difficult though haha. are those boots actually spiked on the back? if they are then they are AMAZING.

    looking forward to more creative ways of wearing your 15 items! :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with your 15 picks :)

  3. You can do it! I'd be curious to try as well, but I don't have a fashion-blog to keep me accountable.


  4. Oddly excited because I could totally do this! That dress is a good pick for one of your 15, looks great on you and relatively versatile to boot.

  5. I have a similar BCBG jacket! It's the best thing for traveling :)