Friday, March 9, 2012

brunch: cornelia street cafe

A few weeks ago, the brunch club met at Cornelia Street Cafe for our weekly pow-wow. For a prix fixe of $20, you get an entree, chocolate biscuits, an alcoholic beverage, and coffee or tea. I'm so in love with this flat rate brunch rate that's popular for Sunday brunches in NYC. It gives you the false comfort of having options while deluding your calculations with the promise of libations. I suppose my joy was further fueled by the (re)discovery of the Greyhound, which has now replaced the mimosa as my go-to brunch drink.

The brunch fare is fairly typical here. Almost all of my tablemates ordered the eggs florentine, and there were no complaints to be had. The standout for me were the chocolate biscuits, which were so soft and warm with the chocolate perfectly melting all over my hands. Yum. I wish I'd had the sense to photograph it before devouring it, but by the time they arrived, all notions of propriety had gone out the window. The seating can be quite cozy, so I would recommend getting here early.


Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 989-9319


  1. Those eggs florentine look amazing!

  2. Ever since finding out I have a gluten-intolerance I've really been craving a lot of things... eggs florentine being one. Sigh...