Wednesday, March 21, 2012

style files: mini from' skins'

In addition to shoes, bags, macarons, and life's other frivolous offerings, I have a penchant for young adult entertainment. (It's a shame, I know.) One of the longest running obsessions is the British TV show, "Skins," which is currently in its 6th season.

While the cast has changed three times, my love has only grown. The first troupe was great for all of its potential stars - Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel later became breakout actors. While the plotlines in the second were forgettable, I'll never be able to erase Luke Pasqualino's beautiful face or the great styling of Kaya Scodelario's wardrobe. With its third round of cast members, I feel as if the show has come full circle with its plot and its costuming. Each character can be classified as a certain genre - Nick is prep; Grace is princessy and pink; Alo and Matty are Haight Ashbury thrift; but none is as captivating as Mini.

mini from 'skins'
1. Iro Sequin Baseball Jacket, 2. Topshop Fluffy Daisy Cami, 3. Nars nail polish in 'Schiap', 4. Dior Diorshow Mascara, 5. Chanel Rouge Allure in 'Hyde Park', 6. Isabel Marant The Who Earrings, 7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Ring, 8. Topshop Moto Coral Hotpant, 9. Rebecca Minkoff Flirty bag in neon yellow, 10. ASOS Beaded Pastel Coil Bracelet, 11. Forever 21 Cat Eye Sunglasses in mint, 12. Aldo Dagraca Wedge Heel

Everything about her should make me want to hate her. She wears every single color combination imaginable and seems to have a particular liking to anything neon. She uses accessories as multipliers and has a tendency to match articles of clothing (i.e. pink sweater and shoes). Despite her desire to dress like Rainbow Brite (or maybe because of), she's become my favorite character.


mini from 'skins' pt. 2

1. Aqua 'Bruni' dress, 2. Swell Caroline 'Sugar Land' drop earrings, 3. Topshop Animal Petal Scarf, 4. Essie 'Mint Candy' nail polish, 5. Geneva White Three Dial Watch, 6. Sam Edelman 'Sophie' Low Wedge Sandal, 7. Topshop White Perforated Crossbody Bag, 8. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses with Mix Frame, 9. bunny iPhone case

In the season's title episode, she traipsed around Bristol in a designer dress, sequin motorcycle jacket, and a colorblock mini dress. But she wouldn't be Mini without the accessories. While last season had her in lots of bows and flowers, this season has her opting for bold, chunky neon bracelets and rings. At the same time, you see that her dress is a facade - when she tries to fit in with her father's swank lifestyle, you see her opting for a longer hemline and more demure accessories. In the end, her outlandish style is an oxymoron to her true personality. Though her colors say otherwise, she's not the boisterous, popular girl but rather the girl who's always on the outside, looking in.



  1. OMG this blog post is so last wednesday

  2. Absoltely brilliant post! You've got amazing sense of sense of style. Have a great day! Fantastic blog by the way....

  3. Whoa I'm behind on your blog. But are you following Game of Thrones this season? Cassie and Chris were on last night's episode! What!!

  4. dang! i haven't seen this show yet but i hear it's really good and judging by the fashion you just laid out here, i definitely need to see it. i am really digging that first dress - it reminds me of the eames house in california with all of it's colorful block windows. <3