Sunday, March 4, 2012

style files: shut up, flower boy band

Guy liner. Questionable acting skills. Fresh faced, young cast. All of these elements are the makings of a TV show abhorred by the general public and loved by me. Recently, I've become addicted to watching the Flower Boy series from tvN. What began with an obsession with Jung Ilwoo in "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" extended to watching "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band." And I'm beginning to realize that as much as I gripe about boy bands, they are a stylist's dream.


The liberty given to stylists in Korea to dress band members really runs the gamut. On a television show about a fledgling group, you have to keep continuity in mind, which means that Eye Candy (the name of the band on the show) have to maintain a lot of the same textual elements. While much of their offstage outfits reflect their individual personality (i.e. dressing Hyun-soo in black to reflect his broody, emo personality), their unity really comes together in the coordinated outfits, like in the scene from their debut on a music show.

Although all the main cast members are male, many of their looks are unisex - a testament to the gender blurring metrosexuality that's highly advocated in Korean television, perhaps?


1. Reiss 'Lauren' Quilted leather jacket (cheaper alternative here), 2. Zara Black Shirt with Applique Collar, 3. Retro Leopard Print Skinny Tie, 4. J Brand 901 Leggings in Glitter Wax, 5. Melinda Maria Spiked Cuff, 6. ASOS Leather Stud Cuff, 7. Zara Ankle Boot with Studded Toe


I loved the shearling jacket that Kwon Ji-hyuk wears and couldn't resist styling it on my own. I put a little femme twist on it with the floral corset, but you could keep the look as close to his by replacing it with a black T by Alexander Wang shirt.


1. Stylestalker Rebellion Parka, 2. black T by Alexander Wang shirt, 3. Topshop Fluro Floral Corset, 4. J Brand 620 Skinny Legging Jeans, 5. Cheap Monday Mulplex Necklace, 6. Topshop Pack of Cards Ring Set, 7. Topshop Athlete Wedge Heel

*There are two female cast mates who have a decent amount of airtime, but one of them dresses like a slob and the other is constantly in a school uniform (as she's a high school student), so I've conveniently decided to opt out of analyzing their costumes.


  1. In high school I fluctuated between dressing like a tomboy and ultra-feminine. It felt like I was in disguise when dressed in boys clothes, plus I received SO many compliments when I wore boys' pants I probably started the trend in my school... NBD.


  2. WAHAHAHAHA OMG I saw this show in Seoul and I was wondering what the heck was going on. It was like America's Next Top (Male) Model meets K-drama (and doesnt seem like there's a plot but take this with a grain of salt from a non Korean). Seriously every scene is a bunch of boys acting cute together (and the main girl really bugs me... wide eyed and pouty faced).

    Anyway, please come visit HK!

    1. The storyline needs some work. And the main character doesn't really fit my definition of a "flower boy." He's not pretty, by any means. (The long hair one, on the other hand, is definitely PRETTY.) Main girl can go away, far far away.