Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3. embellishments

What's your reaction when someone says that they have the same dress/top/blazer as you?

I could only think of one instance in which such a situation would bring utter distaste and that would be at prom. For some reason, there is nothing more sacred in high school than senior prom. Considered a rite of passage for so many more reasons than as a major indication as an end of an era, the greatest question for many weeks is, "What are you going to wear?" Never has such a question struck such fear into many girl's hearts.

If you're an extreme case like me, you'll go above and beyond to make sure no one comes in wearing the same dress. While all the normal girls in my generation went to their local Macy's/Nordstrom (and the rich girls went to Jessica McClintok), I set foot into Saks for the first time in my life. After much humming and hawing and extreme begging, I finally got the dress of my dreams (at that time): a beige Sue Wong number with so much beading that it actually made the dress weigh more a full piggy bank. Retrospectively, I can't think of a bigger waste as I never wore that dress again. I was also stupid enough to sew an obscene amount of padding into the boobs, thus ensuring that the dress will NEVER again see the light of day.

When I wore this Zara blazer for the first time, a girl actually chased me down and said, "I have the same blazer as you." It took everything I had in me not to shout, "TWINSIES!" I'm never shopping at Zara again. (This is a lie.)


Zara 'Fantasy Fabric' embellished blazer
Tibi wine ruffle top
Club Monaco 'Marianna' short
Jeffrey Campbell x Pixie Market 'Daul Painterly' sandals ('Soiree' heels by JC here)


  1. Cool shoes! And I, too, ventured into Saks for the first time for prom. I bought my first pair of Jimmy Choos (never wore them again) and an obscenely girly floral beaded gown from ABS, which, opposite to your dilemma, will never see the light of day again because it actually made me look like I had ginormous boobs. The whole night I felt like everyone was staring at my chest (because they were), and as a shy loner, that was like my worst nightmare. Though my boobs have probably never looked better, I like to keep those babies under wraps - will never understand girls who like to let it all hang out, so gross.

    1. Awwwww, prom memories!!
      I kinda want to give away my prom dress, but I don't know if anyone would be willing to take it and wear it to prom.

  2. I love this outfit, and the jacket is gorgeous! I am trying to do my best to wait for the next big sale at Zara! I actually hoard so much clothing that by the time I finally get to wear something it's atleast a year after I bought it so pretty much nobody ever has what I am wearing on! Thank you for visiting my blog, I am definitely keeping the House of Harlow sunnies. And you also have k-drama focused blog? Just followed...my favorite K-drama actor is Song Seung Song. I hope I spelled his name right :)

  3. DAMN these photos went up with the quickness. LOL

  4. Oh my.. I am so in love with your shoes!!


  5. Really enjoying the floral print in your shoes! I didn't get my prom dress from Saks, but! I did buy my graduation dress from Saks because there were all these requirements (hit the top of the knee, be white, cover your shoulders, etc.) It's currently sitting, unworn again, in my closet, but I actually like it if not that that it's terribly formal for any function I might have to go to. You could always save your prom dress and show younger relatives, look at these life choices, do not make them, haha.

  6. Love the tweed jacket and how you matched the shoes. I want a tweed jacket but am trying to save some bucks... priorities, I guess.
    re: prom dresses - mine was from cache. around that time, the then Bachelorette also wore the dress on one of her episodes - which I thought was pretty freaking cool. Today though, it feels like less of a brag... like the best celeb style I could do was the Bachelorette? really?! haha

  7. Ah I saw this jacket in Zara and really wanted to buy it but alas HK weather stops me from embracing tweed jackets.

    Great post- when people tell me they have something the same as me I just think "well I wear it better than you do." hahhaha.. kidding (slightly). Your JC shoes are amazing and I love this whole look. For prom I made sure no one had the same dress as me by driving to this tiny vintage store in an unknown small town and bought a 1950's gown. So ha!