Thursday, June 7, 2012

review: joel roubouchon, las vegas

While I was in Las Vegas last week, I had the opportunity to dine at Joel Roubuchon located inside MGM Grand. For most, this restaurant needs no introduction. With three Michelin stars, it's become the definition of fine dining. The offerings are pricy with the cheapest course menu starting at $120 and going up to $435 for the 16 course degustation menu, excluding wine pairings which run from $299 to $999. Despite the mindblowing prices, the 17 table dining room is booked to capacity.


Because I'm not a pig  a lady, I opted for a four course menu that went as follows: La Langoustine, pea soup, Le Canard, La Fraise. Of course, in between I also got a smattering of items from the incredible bread cart, and at the end a selection of desserts from the even more incredible dessert cart.

Amuse bouche, cherry gazpacho with pistachios
La Langoustine - lobster ravioli with caviar
Pea soup
Le Canard - seared duck breast with foie gras with cherries
La Fraise - strawberry foam with a vanilla ice cream? 
Selections from the dessert cart
All in all, the meal was excellently prepared and plated. Everything about the dinner was truly enchanting, from the dining room to the service. It's truly a magical place where your taste bud's dreams come true, and all to a reality slapping halt when you get your bill. Thank you, Joel, for letting me feel like a gastronomical queen for a precious two hours.


Theyskens Theory 'Lara' maxi dress
Zara blazer
Chloe 'Kirsten' wedges
Celine micro luggage tote
Forever 21 white flower headband

food photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S2; others with Nikon D7000


  1. So fabulous! I went to Joel's London restaurant a year or so ago and while it was great, it's not 3 Michelin standard yet. I really want to go to one of his Paris venues...

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  3. you look amazing,
    and that food/those dishes look delicious and beautiful!!


  4. wow - that looks delicious!

    ♥ ThankFifi

    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my post.x

  5. Wow $120 for the cheapest item. I will live my fabulous life through you for now. Thanks for giving your readers a glimpse of the finer things in life.

  6. Bahaha I dream of the day where my blog gets enough publicity where I can dine in these places for free and in return take a smattering amount of food porn photos for them. ONE DAY!!!!

    Anyhow I saw this last time I was in Vegas and wished I had the $$$$ to go. Next time. Oink Oink.