Thursday, June 21, 2012

4. lowered expectations

As I sit here listening to a sad ballad from my "Alone... Still" playlist (the song is "High and Dry" by Radiohead), I begin to wonder where I went wrong with the last guy I dated. Oh, right. He had a job that paid by the hour, didn't go to college, and was in a terrible band... leading to my thought for today: do we attract a certain type of person?

Because judging from my past, my future doesn't look very promising. It looks short, possibly overweight (at the very least, a large beer gut), questionable hair styles, and even more questionable credentials. I know we all make the general statements that personality accounts for more than looks, but isn't attraction partly based on physical attraction? And if there are no physical traits to appreciate, what are you looking at?

Honestly, I'm jealous of girls who can see the "diamond in the rough." Seeing as that statement was first introduced to me in the movie "Aladdin," I'm going to use him as the example. Despite his "street rat" demeanor, Princess Jasmine was able to see past his raggedy clothes and pet monkey (potential rabies or Ebola carrier) to the prince he could become. On the other hand, why can't the universe just give Princess Jasmine the pre-packaged prince she deserves?

Riddle me that.


Retro Ballerina Chic silver sweater
Etoile Isabel Marant cotton linen skirt SS11
Steve Madden 'Dynemite' leopard sandals
Miu Miu tote bag


  1. love your blog. I wish we could be friends but I have this strange aversion to Atlanta. dating sucks...'nuff said.

  2. good points made. sometimes it's hard to see the "diamond in the rough". I agree about physical attraction, that's how it all (mostly) starts right? btw awesome shoes and top! xx

  3. Oh my goodness, your shoes are fabulous! I hope you'll find a polished diamond soon :)

  4. These are nice items. The shoes and bag looks great. We love it!

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  5. Beautiful shoes!

  6. Such a stunning look :) I am loving your shoes

  7. i like the sandals!

  8. really love this look. gorgeous sweater!

    i don't know how people spot diamonds in the rough either, but i know looks will only go so far and if i can't stand someone's personality now, there is no chance we would still be together ten years from now..

    love radiohead btw!