Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sometimes i wish i were in japan

I've managed to tear myself away from the book that's ruining my life long enough to dig up these pics from the new mastermind Japan collection. I'm 100% sure this is only going to be available in Japan, and 90% sure that all the pieces are going to run pretty deep. But isn't it all so lovely? I want this model to be my boyfriend... so I can steal all his clothes and rock the shit out of them.

I swear this is the last time I'll mention it, but the clothing descriptions in these Twilight books are seriously disturbing me. I mean, honestly??? Red leather pants and a blue sequin top is your ideal look for a party? (This is what Stephanie Meyer had Alice wear for the graduation party.) I was torn between being horrified and wanting to throw up.

source: hypebeast


  1. No wayyy! I was just obsessing over this magazine at my friend's salon. This particular mag (can't remember the title) and Non-No (sp?) are my fave Japanese men's magazines. The boys are hot and so are the clothes. And the clothes are mix of stuff I've never heard of, luxury brands and streetwear/artisan brands.

  2. haha the outfit described sounds SCARY to say the least. and ur STILL reading it no?

    dont know about japan collection. the pics look promising, but on closer inspection it seems besides good styling theres nothing really special to have here. hm.. just my twopence.

  3. Holy sh*te I need to get me over to Japan and buy all the clothes in sight lol. And my sister is now telling me that I should avoid that Twilight book at all costs, she keeps saying how awful the writing is.

  4. the_kitten: I can see what you mean, but there are subtleties to the designs that these two photos don't pick up.
    I think the whole mastermind concept is based around simple designs but an emphasis on accessories.
    Maybe I should've picked the photos where he's wearing the overalls... he reminds me of a rough, rugged railroad man. I love railroad men. haha

  5. I'm in Japan - I can take a look for you. =)