Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I wrote this whole thing about how much I love everything that came from the Summer of Love, but then realized that it has nothing to do with these two pictures. They're from ad campaigns from last year. I always find it curious that designers have a way to play off each other, embracing similar ideas in design at the same time. Fashion is rather incestuous.

Claudia Schiffer looks like a queen bee in the Ferregamo ad. Look at her two man bitches flanking her sides. The one on her right should be carrying her handbag. Queen bees don't carry shit.


  1. I love these ads, I was competely in love with that alessandro dell'acqua campaign when it was in magazines. x

  2. LOL it was actually "dread".
    isn't schiffer like late 50s now or something? crazy.

  3. LOL to Claudia & her man bitches :p
    Oh and I realised you weren't on my blog list yet, so I added you now hehe ^-^

  4. haha - man bitches. niice! i love what she's wearing in the ads though. that last outfit is amazing. =)