Tuesday, March 24, 2009

moi je joue à joue contre joue

I've been a bit lazy with the blog lately. I'm currently working on two major projects that are consuming my life. And I'm also nursing what could potentially be a very bad drinking habit. (I'm still trying to see what's so bad about Recession Mondays, Wine Wednesdays, and Margarita Fridays.) If you're not doing anything tomorrow, you should drop by the Eyedrum Gallery to see Asobi Seksu.

I got an extra large mailer from Barney's last week, and I've been thumbing through it every time I sit down at my desk. I really love the photography, the mix of black & white with sepia tones. They styled it using a single designer for each page (for the most part), and I stopped at the page that used all Yves Saint Laurent, thinking, "Comme des garcons, is dat chu?" It looks like a rip straight from the CDG x H&M collection.

All the wedding talk made me realize that too many people I know are being idiots this year and not prioritizing their wedding budgets. Why the hell are you spending $5,000 on flowers and then NOT SERVING ANY ALCOHOL? I can't imagine a wedding without an open bar, much less a completely dry one. Besides, isn't it bad luck to toast with water? Personally, I would forgo pretty much everything and just spend money on my dress (this Yohji Yamamoto deconstruction dress looks perfect for these rocky economic times) and then stock up on Cristal. Ballin' on a budget.


  1. Haha, I'm getting married in 2010 and you're comments on weddings made me laugh! Love that dress... maybe i'll look for one similar.

  2. haha you should be a wedding planner so you can talk some sense into those no open bar people! :-)

  3. nursing is very lucrative. You must be rich.

    The barneys catalogue is the source of credit card debt for females everywhere.

    And as for Zimmern. He is fat and baldinG!!!! Sometimes I prefer him to bourdain because he is positive and bubbly. Bourdain always has a sarcastic tone about him that sometimes even I can't take..but damn he's sexy!!

  4. great inspiration pics!

    well, just wanted give a heads up that i'm back on my blog and hoping to do new things with it!



  5. i saw your comment about the girls on knightcat and posted about it on my blog.

    seriously, what were they thinking?

  6. You found my blog! Thanks for stopping by.

    I have also been a bit lazy with the blog, except I don't really have an excuse.

    I love the idea of the Recession Mondays (although am not sure what this involves?), Wine Wednesdays and Margarita Fridays!!

  7. ouch, a wedding without alcoholic drinks?? how did that happen?
    Oh and the YSL picture definitely looks a lot like CDG, but I love it though!

  8. there is no such thing as a wedding with no booze. whoever told them that was acceptable should be hanged.

  9. Oh wow. I love those photos.

    And yes, I can't imagine a dry wedding. Who would want to attend? Seriously.

    I love that dress. You should get it and wear it around with that fantastic hat. You would be my hero.

  10. Wedding without alcohol = EPIC FAIL.

    I've been to one before. It was excruciating. Luckily, I snuck a flask of a little something-something in my purse.

    And yeah, it's bad luck to toast with water! If you're going to have a dry wedding, at least have sparkling cider for the toast.