Thursday, April 30, 2009

bad ass thursday


"We find dissipation, wild enough to glut the imaginings of a Hottentot. Braggadocio, wild companions, gambling, running around St. James like a neck or nothing blood of the young fancy." - Judge Langlois in "Becoming Jane"


  1. Haha, what an awesome photograph!

  2. I love them!
    nothing better than a little bit of offbeat atiitude to refresh yourself.
    and really? I absolutely love carmen´s blonde hair.
    but she would be a stunner with a bald haead with that face and body.


  3. nice collective effort here. i don' think I've ever seen something like this with models. wow they actually have middles fingers, totally amazing.

    (uh wow i never looked at it that way, that little mermaid. and wo, I never realised ursula was black? she's...erh. purple...!

    no um, you're ruining my childhooooood! I think I only watch disney with the same heart I watched disney when I was 8. )

  4. wait, I saw that movie! I don't remember the quote, which meaaans, I should watch the movie again! ^-^
    I absolutely adooore this picture BTW :) so funny

  5. model angst at its complete bessst.

    p.s. becoming jane was AMAZING.

  6. I love this photo so much! I've seen it so many times and it's just an alltime stunner!
    Oh, and I also think your fringe top from a few posts ago is amazing! Way better than the topshop one!