Saturday, April 25, 2009

greetings from the windy city

I'm in Chicago for the weekend to visit my favorite bunny, SUNNY! Arrived last night, proceeded to get shit faced in Wicker Park, and then we ate New York-style pizza. I know, travesty as we are in CHICAGO and not NYC. Liveblogging from Chi-Town will proceed all weekend.


  1. i have family in Joliet (30 min. away) and we fly into Chi, but i NEVER EVER get to play in Chicago. although, i do remember once going to the cool science and industry museum there (which you should check out if you're feeling nerdy). have fun!

  2. I LIVE IN CHICAGO. Like, actually in Chicago, unlike many people who live in the suburbs but say they are from Chicago. Enjoy your stay here. Too bad the weather's going to be crappy =( The skyline is beautiful at night!

  3. I want to go to Chicago so badly, hooray for choosing a city outside of NY. I think it's nice when the blog world explores something else outside of NY/LA. [says the new yorker, but you know what I mean--hopefully!]