Thursday, August 4, 2011

things i don't understand #2

Aside from the fugly sold out items on Net-A-Porter, there's another dimension of WTF on the site: FUGS items. These items aren't necessarily overpriced. They can be a reasonable bargain, but still prompt you to ask yourself why anyone would ever want to buy this.

This week, there seemed to be a plethora of these items.

net a porter, why pt. 2

(clockwise, from top left):
  • Vivienne Westwood dress - this looks like pantaloon onesie set. I think it's just the photography.
  • Vionnet fringed wool poncho - what in the name of Ugly Betty is this?!
  • Miu Miu basket weave vest - this could be cute styled correctly, but I guarantee that the person who buys this is retired and just wants to cozy up to the fire with a collie.
  • Lanvin silk pajamas - these are cute, but why would you need to pay $2600 for them? 
  • Valentino pleat skirt lace dress - I could see Alexa Chung wearing this dress and it being very cute on her. Unfortunately, I can also see Katy Perry/Amanda Seyfried/Olivia Wilde/Katie Holmes wearing it and looking like a hot mess.
  • Vionnet feather gown of bad press - there is NOTHING good about this dress. NOTHING. It makes the fit model look fat and dumb. Can you imagine seeing this on the red carpet? Actually, I can. And it smells like road kill.


  1. Died over your first post on this, currently dying over this one. Keep doing these! I am especially taken by the Miu Miu basket weave vest. Totes want that in my closet, mmhmm. Who wouldn't?!

  2. Oh, and thanks for the McQueen exhibit advice! I am going to bring my Kindle and a bottle of water and wait for as long as humanly possible.

  3. We all need some chicken/ostrich love from Vionnet hugging our love handles and boobs. I think if the majority of the items came in a more saturated color, it would look less dowdy.

    Btw I replied you on your comment on luxury and fixed the link! Thanks for that!

    And am sad about your Celine bag. Is it really cheaper in Seoul??? Koreans buy designer in HK...

  4. haha this is so true! I don't understand why if something is designer people will ignore how odd it is or how crazy overpriced it is! sigh. such is our world these days

    <3 Alison

  5. hey, just replying to your question about my camera... i use an olympus epl-2 :)

  6. LOL!! I loved your previous post, this one is just as good. The thing is, people buy it. Like I was in a shoe store yesterday and this girl was trying on the most hideous pair of boots and I just wanted to yell don't do it, but apparently she loved them

  7. Ahh, love that PJ set. Perfect for the fall xx

  8. hahaha omg I love this :D! Shops like net-a-porter have tons of nice clothes but sometimes they do get me wondering who would ever wear things like... well, like the ones you picked out haha.

  9. jajajaja i couldn't agree more!! omg that last dress, heavens what were they thinking!

    now following you,

  10. So funny that I actually like 4/6 of these. That 1st Vivienne would be SIZZLE on a girl w some red pumps and a clutch! I would rock the Ugly Betty poncho just bc I'm vampy like that. Ixnay on the weave vest & pj set. That pleated lace dress is 8 shades of cute, and the feather gown would be awesome in an editorial photoshoot, but not so much for real life.