Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what's in my clutch?


You'd be amazed at what I can fit in this thing.

Celine bi-color pouch can hold:
  • wallet
  • envelope pencil case holder for lipstick and other necessities
  • Dior Addict lipstick in Diorkiss
  • Fresh's Strawberry Flowers travel perfume
  • butter nail polish in Lady Muck & Artful Dodger (I've now started painting nails while sitting in the car)
  • Fujifilm Nexia Q1 for fun photos
  • Kindle - because one day I will finish the "Game of Thrones" series


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  2. Wowee, looks sure are deceiving! You fit quite a lot in there.

    Currently my purse also doubles as a diaper bag, glamourous or what?


  3. way more than i thought it would!!
    love those polish laquers!

    great post,

  4. really surprising what can go in there! it doesn't get lumpy and awkwardly bulgy? celine.. even more reasons why it's magical

  5. I love it when you find a small bag that fits everything you need in a nice organized way!

    I've been wanting to read the Game Of Thrones series ever since a friend recommended it. I just keep getting distracted by the million other books I'm reading right now. haha.