Sunday, January 8, 2012

Covington: The Vampire Diaries guide

I discovered via that one of my guilty pleasures TV shows was filming in Covington, GA (40 minutes from Atlanta) and decided to try and fulfill a 2011 goal. As sad as it may be, I'm completely obsessed with vampires, whether it's in book, computer game, television, or movie format. I haven't missed a single episode of "The Vampire Diaries" since it began airing on the CW. Unfortunately, this post isn't going to be accompanied by a glam shot of me cheesing crazily with Ian Somerhalder (Damon) or Nina Dobrev (Elena). Hunger won out at the end of the day (that, and boredom as Covington can be explored in 10 minutes), so we left rather quickly. But I have compiled a handy guide for all you TVD fans as reference on the offhand chance you're a crazy stalker like me.

The Clock!
Mystic Grill
1. When you first arrive in Covington, you will most likely pull into the town square. Ahhh, the site of 90% of the first season (and the second and third), there are countless photo ops. The statue in the square center has been featured as a Mystic Falls "founding father," and across the street is the giant clock, counting down Elena's humanity. The Mystic Grill sign can be seen, but don't expect to see Matt or Jeremy serve you a burger. It's a prop, and the building seemed empty when I was there.


2. 1131 Church St. - Also located off the square, Scoops is an ice cream shop frequented by cast members and staff alike. I didn't partake in their offerings, but I loved their yellow lacquer rocking chairs.

Evidence of werewolf activity on the pavement - Floyd St., on the way to Elena's house.


3. 2104 Floyd St. - Elena's house. Smaller than I thought it would be, but that is, indeed, the porch where Damon and Katherine-as-Elena shared their first kiss. I think this is a private residence now.


4. 2129 East St. - Tyler's house. Just a few steps away from Elena's house, this gated beauty can only be viewed from the street. (How much do you love those white lacquer stag busts?!) But if you look at the first house on College Avenue, you will see the cranes and dollys used by the film crew. 


5. Covington Cemetery near Conyers St. - the site of the first scene of the entire series! Do you remember seeing Elena write emo-crap into her journal and then looking up to see Stefan creepily staring at her? This is where it all began! If I were a super fan, there would be an accompanying photo of me reenacting the scene, but I'm not that classless... yet. Gram's house is somewhere around here, but I couldn't be bothered to find it. Her house was crap, anyway.

Thanks to Lillie for taking most of the photos. Also, for not complaining about my general lunacy. I blame it on the full moon. But you ate all the gummies.

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  1. I too am a fan, much to my husband's chagrin (he's secretly a fan too, he just won't admit it). Looks like a quaint little town... makes me wish Canadian small towns looks like this. I like the whole "town square" idea.


  2. Lol you're hilarious. I've never seen a full episode of Vampire Diaries which looks like a ball of emotional teenage angst and Twilight all laced in one.
    I guess it doesn't help that I'm in Asia most of the time either.


  3. Love this! I'm a huge fan. And I agree the first couple episodes were a teen angst fest Sam... but the rest are pretty damn good. Especially any that involve Damon Salvatore. ;) And Twilight? This is SO much better than Twilight because honestly, twilight is CRAP. TVD is fanastic.