Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the winter uniform: black

Despite Atlanta's unnaturally warm weather, I've immersed myself in the winter blues by wearing my favorite color (or the mixture of all colors ever created in the entire world), black. Nothing says "starving artist" or "hiding holiday food baby" like a classic noir ensemble.

I bought this dress during the post-Christmas sales and have lived in it since the day Fedex delivered it to my door. The great part about this outfit is that no one has yet caught onto the fact that I've worn exact outfit every time I've seen them since late December. I'm a total ninja without even trying.

Did you pick up anything good during the sales? Share your deals with me, so I can ooh and ahh with you.



Wearing: Theyskens' Theory sweater dress, Thakoon boots, Club Monaco gingham coat (similar here), Phillip Lim Pashli iPad clutch, H&M flower hair pin

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  1. I am all about wearing the most currently beloved item of clothing everyday until 1) it starts smelling 2) people start noticing 3) actually who cares about 1 and 2.

  2. I got a pair of Marsell boots I had been coveting for 40% off from Barneys ;) There are a few pics on the front page of my blog if you feel like popping over. xx

    P.S. - LOVE the Lim clutch!

  3. Go ninja-you! Very classy (especially with the flower pin.) When I have a new garment that I adore, it also basically gets worn as often as possible– except for when it needs to be washed.

  4. I adore that dress! I totally wear things over and over again if I'm in love with it too!

  5. Ohhhh Ahhhh gorgeous dress, Alicia! And that Phillip Lim ipad clutch is gawgeous!
    Sadly I didn't pick up anything exciting over here in Edinburgh - just a few odds and ends for the flat at Cath Kidson.
    Thanks so much for the Marie A. bio recommendation -- I love a good biography! The bad are so very bad and mind-numbing, so I always love to hear what others are reading. Merci!