Wednesday, January 4, 2012

playlist: shhhh


I have no shame in admitting that I've spent the last two weeks compiling this gem. Unless you think it's utter crap. Then I might have to punch your ear drums with Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Di)" on loop. (I can't believe that video's been viewed over 23 million times. What is this world coming to?! Don't answer that, it's rhetorical. The Mayans predicted it years ago.)

So, it's time for bed, and you want some quiet tunes to lull you into a deep slumber void of giant apes attempting to take over the world. Just hit play and let Nico, Sia, and Bon Iver lead you to your zzz's.

Playlist: "Shhhhhhh" on Spotify

1. I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time - Bon Iver
2. Skinny Love - Birdy
3. Lullaby - Sia
4. Fast Car - Kina Grannis
5. I Will Love You - Fisher
6. Someday - Nina
7. Breathe Me - Sia
8. Duet - Rachel Yamagata
9. Another World - Antony and The Jacksons
10. Dream A Little Dream of Me - The Mamas and The Papas
11. Sadie's Song - Katie Herzig
12. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
13. I Found A Reason - Cat Power
14. You're Beautiful (Clean Version) - Chester See
15. Your Song - Ellie Goulding
16. Love Is A Losing Game (Original Demo) - Amy Winehouse
17. That's Someone You Never Forget - Elvis Presley
18. Some Things Last A Long Time - Beach House
19. Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine
20. Delicate - Damien Rice
21. Love Is Requited - Elisa
22. A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell
23. Cielito Lindo - Marta Gomez
24. These Days - Nico
25. Black Flies - Ben Howrd
26. Teach Me How To Fight - Junior Boys
27. Grey Room - Damien Rice
28. Cold - Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz
29. Reverse - Gabrielle Aplin 


  1. I don't think anyone would hate on your playlist...unless it was that one you put together for us to listen to while we were getting ready. That one needs to burn somewhere in music hell.

  2. this playlist is all kinds of yes. i am glad that i'm not the only person who still enjoys a little Mazzy Star.

  3. Breathe Me...I could listen to that on infinite loop!!!!

  4. Muuuuusic! Have been on the lookout for something new, will make my way through this. Been listening to far too much Lil B, it's a dire situation.

  5. "These Days" by Nico is the song I play when I'm really depressed. It just makes me feel worse actually, but I'll put it on repeat and be emo