Friday, January 27, 2012

oh, this? it's fleamadonna

When I lived in Seoul last year, I had a blast discovering Korean brands, especially since a lot of them have picked up on the somewhat western notion of sample sales. Thanks to Twitter (which, until April, was still relatively preferred over me2day), I had a heads up on all my favorite Korean fashion labels. Sometime in November, I was alerted to the fleamadonna sample sale, located in an office building in the confusing back streets of Apkujeong (압구정). I'm glad I took the trouble to find it, because I walked out of there with three incredible pieces.


This was my personal favorite, as it was being sold at a local boutique for over $120USD. I love the droopy sleeves and the cropped cut... and the pearl studding, of course. One less thing to remember to sling around your body in the morning.


Wearing: fleamadonna red polka dot pearl studded sweatshirt, James Perse maxi dress, Aqua fur vest, Jeffrey Cambell Ticks in tribal, Celine double dyed black and red Boston bag

And be sure to check out fleamadonna's SS12 collection! I've already bookmarked a few pieces for my friends in Seoul to send me...

fmss12-1 fmss12-2

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  1. Love your photos and this outfit is great!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  2. I am LOVING that spring collection! So gorgeous :D
    (and yes, they're Miu Miu!)

  3. The prints in fleamadonna's SS12 collection are so eyecatcing, I think I'd definitely wear some of those pieces. It's so cool that you got to live in Seoul! All of the little detailing on the top are really cute and I like how it goes from polka dots to pearl studding. Hope that you have a good weekend! xx

  4. Cool shoes!

  5. That sweater looks good, and those shoes!! Oh and wrote a proper reply on the post, but I think my writing probably wasn't clear enough - wasn't equating feminine to submission, merely commenting that they co-exist in those looks to counterpoint the hypermasculine looks.

  6. yeah the skirt is Faux-leather, but it looks very real!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  7. Oo lala! I love the pearl studs too -- all there clothes have just the right touch of whimsy -- not too precious. And just when I thought I was over Jeffrey Campbells you wear those -- so awesome!

  8. I love the those pieces and I have never heard this designer, Fleamadonna. Do you know where I can find some of these pieces online? I love that collared shirt dress it is spectacular.


    1. They're a Korean brand, so it's harder to come by them in the U.S. But there are a few online retailers who carry them. They have their own webshop at, but it's difficult to order from there if you're not Korean.

      The Olive Shoppe is pretty good at carrying their latest items, but the selection is quite limited. I also found this other site called Dolls Kill that has two pieces on super sale.

      The girl who runs the brand, Jei Kim, has studied in London and her staff's English skills are pretty decent, so it wouldn't hurt to shoot them an email or contact them on twitter @fleamadonna if you really wanted something from their main line that you can't find online. Hope this helps!

  9. your blog is awesome! I love the maxi skirt with those wedges and that top! lovely :)