Friday, January 13, 2012

vampires and coffee and Oxford

On my trip to Covington, we made a pit stop at Oxford, GA, under the mentality of "might as well since we're already here." What's to see there, you ask? Oxford College, and a Rite Aid. There's no denying its relation to Emory, but the complete absence of people on campus on Saturday made for a great place to take photos. We could've shot a college brochure.

Have you been sticking to your new year resolutions? I didn't make any, but I've been eating the leftover candy, cakes, and pies from the holidays so I'm going to make a resolution now to stop eating crap. I'm throwing back a bunch of blueberries now while reading this list of famous last meals requested by international criminals. Not a single piece of tofu listed, but John Wayne Gacy asked for a pound of strawberries. 

Wearing: Opening Ceremony cropped sweater, Uniqlo white button down oxford, Zara swing skirt, Balenciaga cut out boots


  1. Loving the outfit! The town looks interesting too, although very creepy with the absence of people around...


  2. I spot some beautiful architecture in your photographs! Old school campuses are just very scenic, all times of year, haha. Have a great weekend!

  3. I had a friend that went there, and when I went to visit I was shocked at how little else was in that town - just like some scraggly grass, a few dumpy houses, and chain link fence. But the school was beautiful :)

  4. I love finding Georgia bloggers! Go us! You look so cute in this classic outfit. The sweater is perfect layered over your white button-down. Great scenery too.

  5. Awesome pics :)

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  7. Haha! Love these very collegiate shots, Alicia! Cath and I never went to Oxford and I'm kind of bummed I missed it.
    I've been meaning to read that book! I would certainly give up my (temporary) vegan ways for my last meal - though the strawberries (and your blueberries) sound delicious.

  8. Love your outfit, especially your necklaces.

  9. Those boots! Super want them. You look real nice!