Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5. on vanity

Are you vain that you thought that song was about you? (Even though it came out before you were even born?)

I grew up with a bunch of Nigerian-Americans to whom I credit a lot of my current personality. I think every single Asian-American should grow up with Nigerians for two reasons: 1) they're immigrants (or children of immigrants) so your experiences are going to be similar, 2) they have the greatest mix of confidence and pizzazz out of any racial group I've ever met.

Every time Chi-chi (Chiamaka) would pass a mirror, she would say to the reflection, "Ooohh, I look so good." At first I couldn't believe that the bitch thought she was real. It was clearly time for her braids to be redone, and one of her socks had a giant hole in it. At the top, nonetheless! But being around a girl who loved herself and the way she looked at all times (through weight gain, weight loss, puberty, etc.) really rubs off on you. After a while, the reflection in my mirror started looking good, too, despite the acne, poor optical fashion, and stick figurine S-line.

There's a thin line between vanity and self-confidence, but from what I've seen, we could all use a little Chi-chi inspiration. Love yourself because if you don't, who will?

It looks like I blinked. Unfortunately, this photo was on purpose.

WHABAM! My pride and joy.

Zara striped studded shoulder shirt
Blank Denim studded cut off shorts
Zara cropped leather jacket
Loeffler Randall mesh and suede booties
Celine bicolor pouch
Bonjour Kitten antique 'Geni' ring


  1. Such a great post. I really love your blog because your such a good writer - not just a great "dresser".


  2. Great post - I think confidence is the most important trait to have.

    Thanks for your comment - I have been to Stockholm once before..I wanted to go again this time but ran out of time :( I totally agree about the men though..they're all so well-dressed & model-ish! Blonde Swede boys are definitely my favourite ;]

  3. Not sure what song you're talking about but I love this outfit. I cannot pull it off with my hips but you can :D

  4. Hi, I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

    Nice outfit BTW. Sooo trendy!

  5. the faux blink suits you, and Chi-chi sounds like the girlfriend every girl needs, but rarely gets. PS: your legs are looking great! have you been hitting the gym (or hitting brick-and-mortar shops instead of shopping on the Internet)?

  6. Love the shorts


  7. Haha I think Chi-Chi had the right idea! This is definitely something I'll be working on.
    You look great!

  8. Couldn't agree more! I was extremely self-conscious as a child & then even more so once I got to my teenage years, after being picked on a lot for the way I looked (like a boy, as I was stick thin with no boobs or bum like the rest of the girls & was such a tomboy anyway!) It took me a long time to be able to appreciate what I saw in the mirror, I wish I'd had a friend like that, sounds like she was a real positive influence on you! :)

  9. You look great!
    / In fact, my brother lives in Seoul, so I am here to visit him and discover something new about the culture :) It seems that the rain season is about to start, but it's still very nice here! The only pronlem is that I'm desperately lost in the city's streets. Everything is so big and noisy!

  10. Loving your Celine pouch! The leather looks so supple! I always tell my friends what you just wrote here, to love themselves because no one else will do it for you =) I agree there's a thin line between vanity and self confidence but it seems like lots of girls need more of the latter!

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog. This is amazing. I love all your pictures and your outfits. Not to mention, you're a really good writer. Adding you to my blog rotation for sure.