Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i love this record baby but can't see straight anymore

A common conversation:

person: So how was spending new year's in PAAARRRISSS? (emphasis on "Paris")
me: ...... they had an open bar. I don't really remember that much.

I wish I could warn this picture of me of the debauchery that was to come, and also not to end up going to Le Back Up, which has to be one of the most bootleg clubs I've ever been to in my entire life. And believe me, I've been to a lot of bootleg clubs.

dress. vintage. ring. surface 2 air. necklaces. gifts from my mom.


  1. Yes, it is Yellow Tail! The best cheap wine I've found!! Haha. And what is a bootleg club? Not sure if its a good or bad thing... :) Oh and the word verification I have to type in for this comment is ideasmon. Or spoken with a Jamaican accent: "Ideas, mon!"

  2. i WANT your ring!! paris? study abroad? or just abroad? i did italy... it was great.. and i got fat... sigh....

  3. Ooo pretty dress! And I am determined to learn ninja arts so I can stealth my way to that ring of yours ;) Annnd I wish I had an amazing sneaker collection, I used to have rather a lot. I only have a few limited editions nowadays, I sold the rest. Oh apart from my Ice Cream season 1 sneaks...which I grew out of :( And I think Clae should just let me raid their warehouse.

  4. Oh, so we both spent New Year's even in Paris ... the city of lights. I had such a fantastic time and can't wait to go back! Thanks for the little comment on my blog, I've just been checking yours out and like what I see!