Thursday, February 12, 2009

still single

A conversation...

her: You're just too picky. No wonder you're still single. There are too many stipulations.
me: There's no such thing as being picky. It's just a matter of how much vodka it's going to take. I don't want to drink an entire bottle every time I go on a date.

Whether or not you have a valentine or not, these are some hot duds. Besides, Fred Flare has given me the option to turn a frog into a prince.

Eliza Maxi Dress, Ray Ban Avaiators, Pamela Love heart necklace, Maptote Manhattan, Magic Frog to Prince, Forget Me Knot ring


  1. I love the little knotted bow ring. I want one! I always feel I'm too picky too. But, why not be?

  2. Ooh I have that Forget me knot ring!! I LOVE it! It's even more beautiful in real life ^-^

  3. Hmm...I might have to visit fred flare if they have found out the secret to turning a frog into a prince! But I say be picky! I'd rather be alone than regret the guy or thinking ewww I did what with who?!