Tuesday, February 3, 2009

who's the one who smokes barefoot contessa?

So pictures from tonight's adventure were a kinda disaster. They were entirely too small. Like really embarrasingly small. And we didn't get a single lewd comment. What is the world coming to?! What happened to those days of yesteryore when all I heard on Buford was, "Heyyyy, mamacita, como te llamas"??? Maybe I'm losing my touch.

Since everyone's pinching pennies these days, I thought I should share Amazon's rather impressive collection of free mp3s. I've been stocking up for the past few days. On Sunday, they had the Motown Collection for $1.99! Can't beat that.

What are you spinning right now? I've been listening to "Momma's Boy" by Chromeo.

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  1. those cuffs are serious, seriously cool. and love the way you chose to photograph them.