Friday, April 22, 2011

baby you've got to be more discerning

You've probably noticed a difference in the outfits being shown on this blog, especially if you go back to the way-back archives of what I call "the hot mess era." I don't even want to post links to the entries, but this one particular outfit of a floral maxi dress and cowboy boots comes to mind. What was I thinking?!

Now that I'm 25 - soon to be 26 - I've accepted that I need to be more discerning about the shit I buy. At the beginning of 2011, I swore to myself a number of things.
  1. Limiting the pieces I buy from fast fashion brands for reasons that range from their unethical use of cheap labor and materials to the plain and simple fact that most of their items can't last more than 5 washings. There are certain items that make more sense to purchase at F21 - like their $2.50 camisoles, I really can't live without them - but no more trendy purchases. I have more than enough in my closet.
  2. More investment pieces. In the end, the cost per wear will outlast the initial sticker shock. I'm now at a place in my life where I can and should be making purchases that will be lifelong, not this season. Plus, I'm tired of purging my closet every year. It's exhausting.
  3. SIMPLIFY. As someone who tends to travel and move around more often than I think, I need to keep my closet simple. One season per suitcase has become my new motto. 
  4. Give more support to emerging designers. Reading Leila Shams' blog has made me more aware of the struggle new designers endure just to get a single collection out. Without support for new talent, there would be an end to innovation and creativity, which goes against not only my personal beliefs but the nature of fashion itself.
 That said, here are two pieces from two very talented emerging designers. The top is from Leila Shams' SS11 collection that featured a very arresting albino alligator. I've been a little obsessed with albino alligators since I was seven, when my parents took me to see one at a New Orleans aquarium. When I went to San Fran last year, Rahul and I stared at the one at the California Academy of Sciences for at least an hour. We saw him eat lunch.

The skirt is by Paul &Alice, a Korean brand I discovered while in Seoul. Their pieces are very femme, and their SS11 collection has a soft delicacy that is so versatile with edgier pieces. The jackets tend to have a more daring silhouette, experimenting with boxier fits which only works for a certain body type or look, but their dresses (especially this season) are stunning. I especially love ribbon detail dress that has back cut-outs. Exposed backs are so much sexier than exposed fronts.

top. Leila Shams. skirt. Paul & Alice. shoes. Aldo. clutch. Celine.

photos: by sooji

Disclaimer: all my tenets of fashion are decisions that I've made for my own wardrobe. I harbor no judgment for those who disagree with any or all of my beliefs.


  1. I stopped buying from the fast fashion stores about six months ago because I just couldn't do it any more with a clear conscious.

    Because I sold almost all my clothes, I've been in the process of getting a new wardrobe lately. But I've been taking it as slow as possible to make sure what I am buying is versatile, a good investment, and just a better conscious decision.

    I've not been good at supporting emerging designers (unless you include Damir Doma?), but I have definitely been going for independent designers rather than those under the LVMH or Gucci wing, just because I also disagree with the practices of the conglomerates and the logo/wealth status driven consumerism they promote. That probably sounds rather dramatic and hippie like, but, it's something I believe in I guess.

    Haha and I can't even bring myself to look back at my old blog posts, they are horrendous. I used to dress pretty darn weird too.

    Love that t-shirt and your clutch!

  2. i don't think i've ever told you this, but i always love your outfit posts becuase you have such a great sense of style. it's not comprised of torn-up shorts and a shitty crop tops like everyone else. you have dignity and it shows, hahaha.