Monday, April 18, 2011

fashion blogger pet peeves

When you were growing up, did you think that your mom/dad/grandma complained WAY too much? I'm coming to understand that a side effect of getting old is not being able to put up with shit you think is dumb, useless, slow, irritating, etc. And this is hitting me like a train on a track, coming towards [me], stuck still no turning back. (Oh god, I hate this song so much, why are people still singing it, quoting it, playing it??? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS BALENCIAGA STOP) I've been compiling this list in my head for months now, and I've just gotta write it down somewhere. (Sorry if you've gotten preview through my Twitter - 140 characters just wasn't enough for this anymore.)

Scary lady hates these blogs.

List of Things Fashion Bloggers Should Be Banned From Doing/Saying/Writing
  1. Referring to their boyfriend-photographers as "the boy" or "boyf."
    Let's begin by stating the obvious. "Boyf" is not a word. If your photographer is too shy to have his name revealed on the big, scary, predatory internet, then don't mention him at all. Or be like Stop It Right Now, and give him a witty nickname. Although some people may disagree, I swear this isn't coming from bitter singleness. It's really annoying. For real.
  2. Using the word "infamous" in the wrong context.
    I'm aware that fashion bloggers aren't intellectuals. There are some who brag about not "having the time to read" (trans. I'm lazy or I never learned to read). But it becomes more obvious when the word "infamous" is used when you actually mean famous or unforgettable. Let's take a brief review of the definition of the word "infamous":
    adj. having a reputation of the worst kind; causing or bringing infamy (which means disgraceful).
    Do we all understand? Ok, good.
  3. Talking about getting dressed as an "organic process."
    What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Can we stop trying to turn the process of putting on clothes in the morning (or afternoon, depending on when you roll out of bed) as something more legit than the fact that if we walked out naked, we'd get arrested for indecent exposure? This is almost as annoying as Vanessa Traina talking about her closet.
  4. Veneration of sack of shit, lazy ass "it" girls. This list includes - but is by no means, comprehensive - the following: Cory Kennedy, Jen Brill, Vanessa Traina, and any other disheveled, entitled, individual who roams around the fashion shows reeking of desperation. I'm still confused by America's fascination with people who don't work for a living and spend their family's money gallivanting around the world. Slightly unrelated, can someone tell me how Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth earn money because they haven't been in a decent film in like years.
  5. "Inspiration" blogs.
    There are three things that are irritating about these blogs. First, there is no original content. I enjoy looking at photos of screen caps from "Romeo + Juliet" as much as the next Gen Y, Leo fan, but there's only so much minimal design room photos, old photos of Courtney Love, and pink hair that I can stomach. Second, there's no reason to see the same editorial of Abbey Lee on fifteen different blogs. The first time on was enough. Third, a lot of the blogs don't credit the original sources, which can be really irritating for people who take the time to be creative. Call it talent, if you will.
  6. Bloggers who wear head to toe designer wear, all available at your local Barneys or Saks or wherever.
    There's no innovation in seeing someone wearing a single label. I consider this type of blog to be on the same level as the "everyday wear" blog - what's the point? I don't want to see your all Rick Owens or all Lanvin outfit because I can see that mess on the brand lookbook. I suppose this could also apply to any brand - high street included. The all Zara or all H&M ensemble creates as much as interest as a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.
My dog is bored by these blogs.


  1. Not giving credit to pictures sources is problematic! It annoys me, too. I don't even know anyone wearing a single label!?

  2. I 100% completely agree, especially with #4 and #5... the Kate Bosworth obsession especially annoys me. She hasn't done ANYTHING of mention and yet people still chronicle her every outfit! Why?? Thanks for stating what I've always thought.


  3. BRAVO.

    - The blog poses: pigeon toed looking down, the squat when wearing wedges, the hand on head, the 'oh I'm just walking on the street and you're the paparazzi all in my face'.

    - Blog fashion trends: 'These are so hot right now on the blogosphere, I totally have to wear it'.

    - "I die", "Bananas", "Chic", "Fashionista", "It" bags/shoes, "Boho", "Fierce".

    - "Hey dolls/lovers".

    - Misuse of "goth", "punk", "rock and roll".

    - Yes I really need to see a million photographs of you to properly understand your outfit of singlet, skirt, wedges and as much jewellery as you could possibly lay your hands on.

    - People who comment having clearly not read your post - I could trash a collection and have people comment with 'I totally agree. Those coats are so gorgeous'.

    - People calling Lady Gaga brave and an inspiration.

    - "Vintage": most of the time it is not vintage, it is second hand.

    - Sycophantic praise of the season's 'hottest' collections with no thought of whether they actually like them.

    - Label/designer mistakes: "The latest Jil Sander collection was so hot, she is amazing", "I love this new Helmut Lang jacket, he does such good work" - oh I'm sorry, I missed the part where they didn't leave their namesake labels after being bought out.

  4. Couldn't have said it any better. Thoroughly enjoyed this post!

    ps you need to take in in your luggage next time you go to Korea. seeing your snaps of korea in the previous post got me all excited again!!

  5. lol I love this post! don't forget 20 pictures of the exact same outfit. there are also the bloggers who proclaim to find your blog the best thing since sliced bread, but will only follow you if you follow back....humm

  6. I love that you have an opinion and aren't afraid to share it! For the most part I don't understand how most of the photo heavy inspirational blogs are so popular. I follow the odd "inspirational" blog but it's because I'd have no idea where to find the pics or info otherwise... Example the goth Lolita style. I really don't get the ones that recycle photos seen everywhere.

    Also feel the same way as you on your last point, blogs based on bloggers wearing all one brand (high or low) is boring after awhile.