Thursday, April 14, 2011

pushed on by the fingertips of dreams

The last photos from Seoul, seen through the cheap lens of a T50. I used to be really obsessed with film cameras, but I feel like I'm coming to see the value of a digital lens. Maybe it was spending that extra $400 to fix my Leica, but the Digilux has really become a metal extension of myself lately.

I used to be drawn to film because of its "magical" quality. It still has some sort of magic, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't use Photoshop to manipulate some of the images. It might just be this particular camera, but some of the photos came out too grainy for my satisfaction.

Sunny, who's been featured on this blog a number of times, is one of my favorite people because she's so multi-talented. You wouldn't believe some of the skills this girl has - one of them being a great shopping enabler. "Get it. It looks good on you." A phrase that I heard one too many times, and my suitcase barely survived to tell the tale.

Brunch at Original Pancake Story, buying masks at the local pharmacy because of the yellow dust, wandering around Hannam-dong and seeing celebrity vans (연예인 차), picking out our future houses in the UN Village, going to Passion 5 (also chronicled here).
My last day in Seoul had me running to the hairdresser last minute, so I was in Garosugil where we grabbed a really late lunch at Abiko Curry and stopped for some of the best coffee in Seoul at Cork & Turtle.

We found these masks hilarious. We looked like birds.
Penthouse style apartments in Hannam-dong.
Colorful houses in Hannam-dong.
Entrance to 2nd level at Passion 5.
At Abiko Curry.
At Abiko Curry.
Tables at Cork & Turtle.
View from balcony at Cork & Turtle / sipping Americano.
People To People on Garosugil.


  1. everyone has their own tastes, but i think you should keep shooting film!

    btw, i really like the picture of the tables!

  2. I still shoot like crazy with my film SLRs, but I don't have a scanner so I never get to share. Absolutely love that photograph of the tables and chairs!

  3. I have a T50, too! A hand me down from my father.