Friday, April 29, 2011

all the bright lights do is bore me

Yesterday, I went to the final event in the SCAD Style week with Jinah and Lillie - a free screening of the "Bill Cunningham, New York." Just as "The September Issue" made us all fall in love with Grace Coddington, this documentary makes Bill so endearing. His earnestness in his work, his ability to see beauty in everything, his positive personality are just a few of the many reasons I loved this film. Find a screening near you and go!

Also, apologies to the girls for making you come out super early because of my psychotic tendencies. Thanks for being good sports!


Afterwards, we went to Ormsby's for dinner with Atlanta's fratastic bunch. Never going there again. It was filled with former frat boys who traded in their popped collars for ill-fitting button downs. Biggest pet peeve in menswear is when men's sleeves start past their shoulder. If your sleeves start there, you either need to buy a new shirt or lose weight.

The Richard, turkey with avocado and sweet potato fries.
Shrimp & grits - bad lighting makes it look unappetizing, but it was pretty decent.


  1. LOVE your shirt! The collar is so cute!

  2. wheres your shirt from? very cute

  3. It's from Spicy Color, a store in Myungdong.

  4. Seriously hoping they bring the film to London soon, I really want to see it! And I do love Grace. Eurgh and tell me about ill-fitting shirts, the worst is on the train in the morning and you see all these guys in baggy polyester suits.

  5. Bahaha, I feel bad now--I should have warned you the Westside is now gentrified/bourgeois/fratty all at once now.