Saturday, April 9, 2011

i had a weakness for etiquette

Hannam-dong (한남동) is quickly becoming the new hotspot for bourgeois taste buds in Seoul. On my last weekend in Seoul, Sunny and I nursed her hangover at The Original Pancake Story (which was disappointing, or so she says), walked around the UN Village and picked out our future houses, and devoured pastries at Passion 5.

I wish I'd discovered Passion 5 earlier. One long floor of pastries, breads, and confectioneries, this place is a sweet lover's dream. They're also the originators of the Baum pudding sold in Hyundai Dept. stores, which was one of my treasured foods while I was on the liquid/soft chew diet.

I love their innovative menu, interior decor (which I had enough sense to photograph but a mini fiasco resulted in all the film being ruined ... or nonexistent), and extensive drink menu. Be sure to stop there for brunch, because their BLT sandwich is supposedly amazing.

Yongsan-gu Hannam-Dong 72-74
Telephone: 02-2071-9505
Nearest tube station: Hangang-jin, line 6, across from Leeum Museum
주소 : 서울시 용산구 한남동 729-74 1F
전화번호 : 02-2071-9505
오픈시간 : 오전 7시30분~오후 9시
찾아가는 길 : 한강진역 근처, 리움 건너편


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