Monday, June 13, 2011

an attempt on salvaging sartorial mistakes

The year was 2003 (or 2004. Or 2005.), and I was a young, naive, and blissfully unaware. Words like "fashion blog" and "recession" were unknown. Instead, I was drawn to phrases like "ladies free before 11pm" and "open bar until 10pm." And Friday nights meant parading around in the skankiest looking club clothes while wearing your highest heels and your blackest eyeliner until 3 or 4am, where you inevitably ended up at Waffle House/The Grill eating D-rated food in a bleary eyed, drunken stupor. Ah, the days of college. Thank God that shit is over.

But years of closet purging can still unearth a questionable fashion purchase like this:


Yes, that is a camo mini skirt from HOLLISTER. That's right, I said it. HOLLISTER. There are about five levels of wrong with the fact that I have an item from Hollister in my closet, but I'm going to save that for another day.

The question of today is: can I salvage items like this?

Paired with a denim shirt, lots of jewelry, and most importantly, Balenciaga cut out boots, this skirt is less crap and less pre-teen. (You could easily replace the Balenciagas with any other type of flat, industrial looking boot.) Finish off with a bi-color pouch, and it's almost fashion editor worthy.


Shirt. Zara / Skirt. Hollister / Boots. Balenciaga / pouch. Celine / sunglasses. Chanel


  1. I love the Balenciaga boots. They're badass!

  2. OMG how dare you call me a hoarder! How on earth did you manage to unearth this, ahhh!!!

  3. you should be a Nobel Laureate for this post. you have done the impossible.

  4. Wow kudos to you- I love how you a rather teenybopper skirt into something really edgy. I think I need to take a look in my closet again and try to remix some looks together too!