Thursday, June 16, 2011

babies, the documentary

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm not a fan of children. (They're not fans of me, either.) I tend to shy away from conversations about anyone under the age of 14, pregnancy/maternity clothes, and child rearing. So, the fact that I enjoyed a documentary called "Babies" is truly revolutionary.

I'm always a huge fan of anything that comes from Focus Features, which probably explains why Netflix recommends only "cerebral dramas" to me. "Babies" follows four babies located in four different cities - San Francisco, Tokyo, rural Mongolia, and Namibia - documenting the moments from birth to around toddler. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful, especially the shots from Namibia and Mongolia, but the film itself never reaches a climax, leading to any type of revelation about humankind and its similarities despite geography. I feel like that's where the directors were going, but without narrative it's difficult to lead viewers towards any type of conclusion.

Regardless, it's adorable (which means a lot when it comes from me) with a few LOL moments. I love all the scenes where the babies and animals interact; it's absolutely fascinating how much patience animals can have towards children. Do they innately know that this is a little person so you're not supposed to bite their face off even if they pull your tail?

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  1. um, so weird- i just watched this, too! i was equally fascinated and thought it was so funny to see the older siblings picking on the babies! and those cats? so cute. also, how funny was the little san fran girl eating the bottom of the banana?! i feel the same way about kids and babies, as i'm almost 30 and all of my friends are married and going on their second and third kids! oy vey!

  2. OMG I'm just the same! I'm completely averse to children in real life, but I loved this movie! Btw, I think we are kindred shoe spirits - I love all your shoes, especially those Chloe wedges that sold out in my size everywhere before I even found them online ;) xx