Wednesday, June 15, 2011

riding trains to the end of lines

A lot of people are encouraging wearing 100% silk during the summer months. Can someone explain this to me? Does this 100% silk = breathable fabric only work in low humidity areas like California? I wore this dress to class once and quickly discovered that if you start to sweat in it, you will sweat it in ALL DAY. The back of the dress was stuck to my butt when I got from my chair. Hope no one sat in it after me! (Gross, I know. C'est la vie.)

This dress is by Katayone Adeli. Does anyone else remember that line? She was like the Alexander Wang of the '90s. (I guess I should be saying that the other way around.)


dress. Katayone Adeli / belt. Japanese boutique / jacket. Yubsshop / shoes. Carlos by Carlos Santana (what!) / hat. H&M

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