Friday, June 24, 2011

things i don't understand #1

I love The item photography is fantastic, and most of the things on there are totally droolworthy. But every now and then, I see something that makes me wonder, "Who is shopping here?" Then I look at the item's price and then reel at the fact that something so fugly could be SOLD OUT. Here's just a sampling of the items from this week that are sold out, plus my running commentary.

sold out on netaporter, why

Rosamosario print dress, $620 - I'm pretty sure this was ripped off Topshop.
Thakoon Addition cap sleeve dress, $625 - first, it's got a cap sleeve. CAP SLEEVES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Secondly, this dress looks way too simple to be priced at $625. Does this dress work magical wonders that I'm not getting while staring at a stock photo on the web?
Artisan earrings, $1,100 - these look like they were picked up at a Miami flea market and used to belong to a very tacky, ostentatious, currently deceased grandmother.
Juicy Couture Striped cotton and cashmere-blend cardigan, $160 - this could be from Forever 21. Enough said.
Preen Razor wool-crepe pants, $1,000 - I'm going to assume that the people who purchased these live in Australia or somewhere else in the world that's in winter. Just THINKING about wool in this weather is enough to make me sweat.
Artisan 18-karat gold diamond triangle earrings, $2,180 - I'm really curious as to who's purchasing earrings priced at over $2K. Also, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there were 1-2 pairs available for sale, because the idea that more people are throwing away $$$ on some crap jewelry item that looks like it's from the bargain bin at Claire's is making me ill.


  1. AMEN!!! I was seriously wondering the same thing!!! Ridiculous!

  2. umm her name is alice and she's from atlanta. do you know her?!

  3. Thanks my nail polish is actually from American Apparel :)


  4. Hey, what size are you for shoes and what size did you get for the Balenciaga shoes? I'm an 8 for men and I was thinking I would get a 10 or 11 depending on the fit of the shoes.

  5. so true so true. hilarious how much cashed up ladies will pay.

  6. LOL this is amazing girl.
    I gotta say that a lot of the time the styling on net-a-porter is awful!

  7. Who wouldn't want those Artisan earrings to go with their tulle nightmare of a Cinderella dress? It's the same for even the best of stores though, sometimes I do wonder how drunk the showroom people get the buyers.

  8. this is hilarious. the artisan earrings are my " favorite" ugliest things i've seen in a while...

  9. I have the same mental struggle when I'm on Net-a-Porter. I saw a $9 J.Crew nylon web belt on there and was genuinely confused.