Friday, October 5, 2012

18. stream of consciousness

I'm sitting here trying to figure out something witty and entertaining to write while gulping down this cheap ass zin from Trader Joe's. I was seriously wine deprived while I was in Asia. Cheap beer and high content alcohol in various forms (soju and whatever that vodka-like hot mess from China was) just doesn't create the same type of dulled buzz that's necessary for minimal productivity like wine.

When I go through customs at the Hartsfield Airport, I like to make up little lies about my employment. I find it odd that they ask you about what you do for a living. It's not like a drug dealer is going to be like, "I was in Thailand so I could source my manufacturers for next year's batch of the latest club drug that I will be introducing to the Atlanta market."

It makes me feel like Barbie. I get to be everything and nothing if I wanted. (Do they make Unemployed Barbie? Maybe she's a FUnemployed Barbie?) I've been a med student (no way in hell that's happening in real life), a chemical bioengineer (no idea what this is), graphic designer, writer, and unemployed. I'm thinking that I'd like to be a model agent for my next trip. What would you choose?


Club Monaco leather jacket
Club Monaco 'Medora' sweater
Topshop cropped pants
Loeffler Randall mesh booties
Celine micro luggage tote

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