Monday, October 22, 2012

20. movie theater etiquette

I went to the movie theater recently to watch "Sinister" and sat next to the two worst groups of people to encounter at the movies. ESPECIALLY if you're watching a horror film.

On my left, I had two ladies who spoke through the entire thing. All two hours. Most of it was useless commentary like, "What's in the box? What do you think is in the box?" thirty seconds before Ethan Hawke opened the box. Then there were a lot of "mmm-hmm"s and "oh no"s. Let's not mention the countless times they said "Awww" every time a child was on the screen. (There were A LOT of children. A LOT.)

To the right was the most douche-tastic couple in the history of everdom. I got treated to a few rounds of Basic Movie IQ 80 where he answered questions about Harry Potter's nemesis and the director of "Kill Bill." The real treat came during the film when he would point out obvious things as if they were incredible revelations. "I bet that box is going to be important." Or "the house is haunted." Somebody got dropped on the head as a baby. Bless your heart.


Club Monaco 'Carlye' leather jacket
Equipment 'Adele' polka dot shirt (also here)
Tibi 'Paloma' skirt in Navy (alternative here)
Loeffler Randall suede mesh booties
Celine boston bag


  1. I didn't really like the marker yellow cornrows either; then again, I'm no necessarily a fan of cornrows in general. T.O.P. has a nice classic style most of the time which I think suits him very well. Taeyang is getting on my nerves a bit with his bandanas all the time, with everything. You're totally hip hop, we got it; now take that thing off. Ahem. Yep, GD definitely goes the craziest style-wise.

    PS: I love that bag and those shoes...

  2. Ok this post was HILARIOUS! Hahahaa

    * | My Life In Black+White

  3. LOVE your outfit. The skirt is so cute! xx

  4. It's sad, but there is no such thing as "movie etiquette" anymore, and it seems that the more mainstream the movie, the less considerate the audience seems to be to other patrons. As soon as I read that you saw Sinister, I knew what was coming. And somehow, I always seem to be seated between these people every time I go to the theater, too... I try my best to wait out the big studio movies until they hit Netflix, because there's just something about the inexplicable smell of feet and articulated ignorance that doesn't quite sit well with me. Although I will say, I will gladly put up with all of this if I'm at a theater in ATL with a Starbucks next to it that lets you take drinks in :) Here, there is no such luxury, unfortunately.

  5. Hahaa here in HK people pick up their ringing cell phones and answer them. It annoys the heck out of me.
    But anyway I love this color combo especially that skirt!
    and I'm totally gonna steal that Club Monaco leather jacket the next time I see you!!