Thursday, October 25, 2012

review: hudson north, atlantic station

There's a new pop-up at Atlantic Station.


Filling in the spot that was once the be-seen place for the tackiest people of Atlanta (read: Real Housewives of Atlanta), Hudson North is a restaurant backed by the same people who run Cypress Pint and Plates and an inventive menu unlike that of any tavern/restaurant I've ever seen in this rather unadventurous town.


The interior is impressive. I mean really impressive. I wish my interior designer friend had come with us to this dinner, because she would have flipped and then spent the rest of the night uploading photos onto Facebook. Running with a nautical theme, there are anchors, rope, and natural wood everywhere. Latitude graffiti dot the table and walls, and simple mason jars with floating candles hang from the ceiling. Romantic, understated, and casual.


The drink menu is good. I felt like there could be a few additions to the wine list, but the wines that were available were a fine line-up. The Malbec was stunning. The champagne cocktail was delicious. It was perfect for taking the edge off a crazy Friday.

While the food menu could add a few more options for vegetarians (who are currently relegated to appetizers), it provides a number of options for all taste buds. We began the meal with the figs, which were mindblowingly delicious. I love the idea of sweet and salty, and adding bacon really gave the dish another dimension. But adding the spicy flavor was really a stroke of genius.


As for mains, we ordered the seared tuna, scallops, and the steak. All three were good, each with their own blend of flavors that melted nicely. I would've preferred a rawer tuna, but I know Americans have very different views on raw seafood than I do. One thing we all loved was that everything tasted really fresh, especially the vegetables. But one complaint that we all had was that the food was salty. Extremely salty. The only thing that wasn't salty was the hanger steak, which ended up being the envy of the table.

One thing that worries me is that I know a kitchen needs time to really perfect the menu, and I wonder if 3 months is long enough to get the flavoring, cooking, and everything else just right before Hudson North goes away forever.

Seared Tuna
Hanger Steak
The ambiance and services gets an A Plus. I feel like there really isn't a rival to Hudson North when it comes to maximizing the restaurant space, and really sticking with a theme. (Although I was slightly confused by the hostess who was dressed as a flapper. I couldn't decide if it was a Halloween costume or part of the restaurant decor. God, I would've flipped out if all the wait staff was dressed in striped Breton shirts and had a red kerchief tied around their necks.) The food needs a little tweaking, but I see a lot of potential.

If you do end up going, don't forget to add your name to the wall to show that you've dined there! Also, could you look for my name while you're there?

Hudson North
Atlantic Station (across from the theater)
264 19th St., Ste. 2140
Atlanta, GA 30363
(404) 747-2297


  1. Thank goodness it's time for a snack because this post has made me ravenous!

    X | My Life In Black+White

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was actually looking for a place to take a friend tomorrow. What's the price point on this?


  3. seared tuna looks absolutely amazing! great photos

    steph /

  4. We went! It was fantastic. Thanks for the tip. :)


  5. You look like you're going incognito/Carmen San Diego super spy here. Nyehehehe. Btw I just got back from Seoul and it was so friggin awesome (went with Emily!). And I am obsessed with GD in Crayon. Hahhaha.