Monday, October 15, 2012

style files: g-dragon

Okay, I'm not going to lie. G-dragon is a source of fascination, disgust, and shock for me. He probably serves as much purpose in my life as Lady Gaga does to the general public. Most of the time, I'm trying to figure out what part of him is presentation and where he becomes reality. Half of me feels sorry for him (in that his stage persona overtakes his "real" self, probably) and the other half envies him like crazy (mostly because he can get away with saying, "Yes, sir, I'm one of a kind" without coming off as totally narcissistic).

I also spent an inordinate time debating over whether or not he's gay. Over the past 3-4 years I've gathered a hefty mental file of evidence supporting either position but have yet to come up with a decisive conclusion. I'm leaning towards yes, because out of all the Big Bang members, he seems the most likely. But who knows, maybe muscle-man Taeyang has been hiding out all along?

But let's move on to dissect this enigma's fashion.
Do you remember when G-dragon was a little baby YG rapper like this? I do. Those were the yesteryore years when he featured on songs with then big YG artists like Masta Wu and Gummy. I'm almost ashamed to write down the year so I won't date myself.

But with the release of his new solo album, "One of A Kind," we get to enjoy a motley of styles. Meet Boy-Next-Door/The-GD-You-Can-Bring-To-Your-Parents with his "That XX" (essentially, That Bastard) video. This is probably the most normal I've seen G-D in recent years, although can you really call a white turtleneck as "normal?"


Then with "One of a Kind," we have the traditional extravagant rapper video with girls, a baby tiger, and bright yellow cornrows. (God, why, WHY with the cornrows??? WHYYYYY??) We also have a segment in the middle where he wears a ton of Chanel while carrying a Chanel tennis racket. I guess he's utilizing that friendship with the Kaiser (Karl Lagerfeld) to its fullest.


To round off the set, "Crayon" exhibits lots of color associated with k-pop (as I've stated previously). Here, we've got the weirdest collection of outfits. There's the colorful pop stuff like below, then there's this bizarre drummer boy outfit. But that doesn't even close to the creepiest pastel color circa 1940s football outfit he dons at some point. And no, that's a Givenchy hat. It's a GiYONGchy hat, a nod to his real name, Gi(or JI?) Yong. (Note: the "chy" pronounced as "shi" could be interpreted as an honorific title given to strangers/anyone older than you.) Okay, that hat is kinda really brilliant.


G-Dragon "One of A Kind"
Acne 'Sinclair' quilted jacket
Versace silk shift dress
Michael van der Ham leopard brocade tapered pants
Givenchy Pearl and Jet Strass Tusk Earring (x2)
Givenchy 'Obsedia' bracelet
Givenchy Black Glass Stone Ear Cuff
YSL Malibu Leopard Sneakers
Pierre Hardy leopard print suede backpack

And for the rest of the population who doesn't want to drop 10G on an all leopard outfit, here's something that might be a bit more tasteful. Confession: I love rose gold jewelry. It's ruining my life right now.


  1. I kind of half-screamed when I saw you were writing about GD... ahem. Well, I do allow myself a fangirl moment every now and then. His fashion is pretty crazy and not necessarily something I would wear. Especially all the animal print... just not my cup of tea.

  2. GD forevvvuuhhh! ㅋㅋ I want to be like him and I'm a girl!! He's the perfect mix of both worlds. He's genderless!!!

  3. I just watched all of these, and loved it. I am so confused. He is hot but my gaydar is going nuts.

    I knew of G-Dragon, but I never was really familiar with him or Big Bang (I knew more about H.O.T. HOW OLD AM I?!).

    1. OMG, H.O.T. foreverrrrrr!!!! I was in Korea when they debuted and I remember the entire country going CRAY over "Candy."

  4. Bahha I have major respect for him- he's not the typical "I am so cool, I have a million girls on one arm in a car with my bling" but he kinda makes fun of himself with the girlish appearances in Crayon and One of a Kind. Both his fashion sense and stylized MVs remind me of Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka.

    I think he is also in a relationship with Givenchy. :P


  5. haha this post is great. i've seen a video of him in his home with his dog and mom and he seems like a normal guy :)