Saturday, October 13, 2012

19. jjak (match)

While I was in Korea, I got addicted to this dating show called "짝" (Jjak). In the format of "Temptation Island," they pick 6-7 guys and 5-6 girls (always less girls than guys) to stay for a week at a house in the Korean countryside. There, they have opportunities for dates and activities. The only difference is that there's no sex (maybe some scandalous hand holding and some cheek pecking) and lots of talk about marriage. LOTS of it.

They recently aired a celebrity special where they had D-list, washed up celebs from 10-15 years ago bear their souls and reveal to the nation just why they were nearly 40 and still single. Some of it was just tragic, especially this guy, named Big Joe, who once weighed 400 lbs. This number is appalling for Koreans (and probably for most Americans, though it's definitely less shocking after watching all those TLC specials/Honey Boo Boo), and it showed when he failed to get picked for a lunch date.

So, this lunch date. The show takes turns in having the girls and guys pick for the dates. In the first round, they had the women choose a lunch partner. In a tragic twist, the women had the side dishes in their lunchboxes while the men had white rice in theirs. So, if you didn't get picked, you had to eat a tin filled with white rice all alone. Poor Big Joe. Eating all those carb calories solo.


Fleamadonna pearl studded polka dot shirt
Zara flare skirt (similar here)
Chloe red laser cut wedges
Vintage Gucci doctor bag
Chanel sunglasses


  1. I love the outfit! You look great!

  2. I actually heard a lot about that show..but never really got a chance to watch it! lol
    Love your skirt! Oh and i hope you had a nice time in Korea!!

    Love from Seoul,

  3. you seriously have the best shoes missy!

    steph /